Weather chick lies about being raped in Central Park

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Girls, News
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I love me some New York, but the Big Apple has been off the charts lately. First, there’s a serial killer peppering the beaches of Long Island with dead prostitutes, and now there’s a meteorologist giving fake rape statements.  Man, sometimes I’m glad I live in the Midwest.

WABC-TV meteorologist Heidi Jones allegedly filed a false report about being raped in Central Park yesterday, and it begs the question: do guys have any defense against women who file false charges? All too often men are accused of rape only to have the women crack under pressure at trial to say that the whole thing was made up–mostly with no consequences. Not only does a man accused of rape have to defend himself in the criminal sense, but his reputation is tarnished, too–beyond the point of repair, because even when you’re exonerated, you still have the stigma of being a possible rapist.

From what I read, this chick was upset over a recent breakup and her marbles weren’t all there. That’s fine, but jesus, sending NYC cops on a wild goose chase? They even detained a Hispanic guy for questioning. I just hope more women like her are charged when it comes to light that their stories were completely fabricated.

Either way, the chick is hot, so here are some pics.

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