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It really should be no surprise. While swarms of 401k’s were sinking faster than the Titanic, Wall Street was greasing congress to give them the biggest bailout in American history. What were we promised? That big banks would start lending that money to small businesses in an effort to get the economy back on track. What has happened thus far? Well, last year Wall Street paid out $20.3 billion dollars in bonuses while 10 percent of the country was unemployed.

So how does trickle-down economics work? I’m no economist, but it doesn’t take a professor to figure out that the last ten years of this failed policy has created little, if any jobs. Do you think that companies hire workers because they have extra money in their coffers? Absolutely not, and it’s our duty as citizens to hold our government to a higher standard in terms of job creation. It’s our duty to put the screws to congress who will in turn put the screws to big business.

A firm manager making $100 million next year will be keeping a cool $60 million of his money while you and I can’t keep gas in our cars. ┬áHere, have some jokes.